Taimak’s Unfolding Dream Organization

DSC03248smTaimak is a martial arts expert, movie star and creator of a Dream Coaching program.

“…Look around the room for a moment and notice your surroundings. What’s there? A chair, table, and your computer screen? These items started as a single image or thought in someone’s imagination, never the other way around. In other words, the table didn’t morph into this physical plane and then you looked at it saying, “oh, a table.” It began as an inspiration and the creator took the necessary steps to make the table a reality”.


Taimak’s seminar focuses on empowering a passion in the participant and in turn allows an individual to experience the dance of life. In today’s world, people sometimes find themselves in careers, relationships and groups, which don’t allow them to be true to themselves.

A lot of times, these groups aren’t a place for being outspoken, rather they’re based on a need to survive in a world where status is the underlying drive behind employment, relationships, friendships, titles and the overall quality of one’s life. However, this “quality” of life is material based leaving people to often find themselves working hard to achieve their goals “in order to” make lots of money “in order to” have “nice things”.

In the end though, many are truly unhappy and are baffled to the reason why.

Taimak’s seminar is designed to encourage people to get in touch with their inner most passions and begin to create from there. The participants gain their lives back and solidify their true contributions to the world.

Some may change or better clarify their careers and relationships, while others will become true to themselves in a way that gives them passion, love, joy and allows them to fulfill their dreams. They learn to live NOW! They learn to embrace the mystery and the uncertainty of the “future”. Their partnerships that was once dull, inauthentic and shallow become full of vitality and excitement.

Taimak’s seminar is a freeing yet disciplined practice and it works for everyone regardless of age, religion, culture, monetary status or gender.


Ultimately it’s a program that enables participants to achieve ongoing happiness.